3 Pack Dreamlover Elastic Velvet Cat Ear Headband, Adorable and Comfortable Cat Ear Hair band, Makeup Cosmetic Facial Cleansing Beauty Headband for Girls and Women

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  • ADORABLE CAT EAR DESIGN – Compared to any standard headband, the adorable cat ear design makes it super cute and special on you. Great hair decoration for people who loves cats or have cat pets.
  • GREAT SOFT THIN VELVET – Made of soft thin velvet that it provides so much comfort on your head and ensures breathability when wearing.
  • ELASTIC & EASY TO WEAR – The elastic band at the back makes it possible to adjust the tightness. Just put it through your neck and pull it backwards and stay it at your hairline with the cat ears standing up and done with a smile.
  • VERSATILE USES IN LIFE – It can not only be a beautiful daily hair decoration to make you more adorable, but also be a makeup or facial cleansing helper to keep your hair away from your face when you are wearing makeup or cleansing your face. Moreover, it can also be a cute sports headband sweatband for women.
  • A GOOD GIFT FOR GIRLS & WOMEN – Lots of girls and women love being adorable with cute animal design decorations. The ear cat headband makes it a SHOULD HAVE daily hair decoration and GREAT GIFT CHOICE for all girls and women.